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It is a new technique in body sculpturing that uses a latest generation laser (SMARTLIPO®) in the treatment of localized fat and irregularities of the fat tissue.

How does it work?

This procedure is based on the physical principles of the laser and its interaction with the tissues, which in this case are the fat cells. The specific action of the laser breaks the thin membrane of these cells and transforms them into oil.

Which anesthesia is used?

Local or epidural anesthesia are usually the options of choice. This will depend on each case and on the areas to be treated. A special solution is applied to the treated area (a tumescent solution), sensitizing it for the action of the laser and facilitating the breakup of the fat. This solution is applied easily through a device called a peristaltic pump, or infusion device, which was developed specifically for this aim. It is also with this equipment that the oleaginous solution created by the laser action is removed from the treated areas.

How is LASERLIPOLISIS performed?

Through a small hole in the skin, a delicate microcannula is introduced comprising an optic fiber of only 1 millimeter in diameter that drives the laser to the fat cells. The action of the laser breaks the membrane of the cells, releasing the oil contained therein. In addition, the small blood vessels that exist in the fat tissue are coagulated by the action of the laser.

What are the indications of LASERLIPOLISIS?

This surgery has the same objectives and results as the traditional liposuction. It is capable of reducing localized fat, attenuating cellulite in some cases, remodeling body contours or even correcting irregularities of previous surgeries. The amount of fat to be removed depends on each case, following the criteria and resolution of the Federal Council of Medicine and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

How is the recovery?

Due to the selective action of the laser, recovery is usually fast, with few haematomas, and little discomfort or swelling. It is an ambulatory procedure, and therefore allows for the gradual return to normal activities in a few days. Individual factors also influence the quality of the recovery. As everything in medicine, the answer, results, and recovery vary according to each patient.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

People of both sexes and of any age can undergo this true sculpture with laser, as long as they present good health conditions and have realistic expectations in relation to the treatment. In spite of the fact that LASERLIPOLISIS represents a modern resource in body sculpturing and that it can be associated with other techniques, the result will vary according to the characteristics and limitations of each case.

Is it possible to improve cellulite with this method?

Yes, the type of laser used in this procedure can also be useful in the attenuation of cellulite. Usually, people opt for the combination of several resources to obtain better results.

What are the characteristics of this method?

The treatment with LASERLIPOLISIS does not usually require hospitalization or general anesthesia as it is an ambulatory procedure. The technique is quite refined. There are generally few inconveniences in the postoperative period such as haematomas (bruises) or edema (swelling), which are very common facts with the traditional methods of surgical body sculpturing. Recovery is fast and the return to normal activities usually happens gradually over a few days. In spite of the specific characteristics of this method, it is not free of risks, just like any other medical procedure. That is why it is essential that the surgeon carry out a careful pre-operative evaluation and provide accurate advice.

Are there any other indications for the use of this type of laser?

The laser used in LASERLIPOLISIS can also be useful in the treatment of excessive perspiration in the armpits (Hyperhydrosis), odor in the armpits, treatment of pain and edema, dental and gum alterations, stretch marks, scars, and some vascular alterations. Recent studies show promising results in the use of this luminous energy source in the treatment of other clinical alterations. Smartlipo, Slimlipo, Prolipo, CoolLipo and Lipotherme represent some lasers used in laser-assisted liposuction.

In spite of representing progress, this technique is not a miracle and should be recommended and used with discretion and good sense.

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